Eating Out: Never a Problem!

People often ask me “how do you eat vegan when you eat out?” I tell them "take me anywhere & I can order a (plant-based) meal." If someone suggests a steakhouse, I don't bat an eyelash nor do I declare I will throw up all over their prime ribs.

The Incrediable Edible Cranberry

Native American people introduced the early pioneers to these tart & tangy bright red berries. Someone thought the blossoms looked like a crane’s head so they called them “crane berries”. Since then, the name has been shortened to “cranberry”. Native to North America, cranberries are grown in only six states. Luckily NJ is one of them.

Eating Healthy in Lean Times

Although bank accounts may be shrinking, waistlines are expanding. People trying to maximize calories per dollar tend to pack on “recession pounds” by eating cheap, fast foods. Processed fast foods, though inexpensive, tend to be high in fat, sugar and calories and low in fiber, antioxidants and nutritional value.