Taking a Gander at foie gras

By now you’ve guessed that I really love ducks & geese. I grew up with two companion ducks who lived to be 13 ½ & 16 years old.  This week I took in a huge Chinese goose with an infected foot. He is part of a flock of 9 (was 11) at a pond in South River. They are domestic geese & were dumped there.

3 good reasons not to buy down: Thelma, Louise & Howard

Thelma, Louise & Howard are my three precious Pekin ducks rescued from two Central N.J. ponds. FYI: Those white ducks or white geese you see swimming at local waterways are domestic birds abandoned there by thoughtless people. These birds usually starve, get hit by cars or are picked of by predators. Actually, there are plenty of other kinds of domestic ducks & geese dumped at ponds as well but they look like wild birds to you. Pekins are the most obvious & they definitely can’t fly or fend for themselves.

Have you ever had Brussels sprouts on a stalk?

”What do you think this is?” I ask the kindergarten & first grade students at the Richardson Elementary School in Perth Amboy revealing a large stalk of Brussels sprouts. “It’s a type of vegetable. We cook & eat these small parts.” explaining as I break the small green balls off and hand them to the children.