Salmon Update; Saturday 10/2 World Farm Animal Day

If you think speaking up is a waste of time hear this: the FDA has postponed the decision to approve genetically-modified salmon thanks to the outpouring of concern from numerous organizations and the public.
Over 160,000 comments were submitted by 300 organizations and individuals who wrote and signed joint letters to the FDA to oppose approval of the salmon. AquaBounty, the firm pushing for the GM salmon, is not going to give up & is even fighting the label “genetically-modified”. The FDA is accepting written comments till 11/22/10. To submit comments, go to:

What are you doing this Saturday October 2nd for World Farm Animal Day? Join Food for Life at the Metuchen County Fair. We will be sharing information about the plight of farmed animals & promoting the health, humane & environmental reasons to eat plant-based. Stop by our booth # 247.

Please let Saturday October 2nd be a day you refrain from eating any meat, dairy, eggs or fish. Let this is a day to show your compassion for the death and suffering of 58 billion farmed animals who die annually. Although we can do nothing to save those already slaughtered, we can each save countless animals when we embrace a humane plant-based vegetarian (vegan) lifestyle. Vegetarian is not enough, please go Vegan on 10/2/10.

Here is a sample menu:

Breakfast: Oatmeal with raisins or pumpernickel bagel with jam, fresh fruit or juice, coffee/tea with soy/rice/nut milk

Snack: Handful of toasted sunflower seeds, fresh fruit, soy yogurt

Lunch: Hummus & raw veggies on whole wheat wrap, baked potato chips

Snack: a LARA bar or whole grain toast & jam, fresh fruit

Dinner: Tossed salad with olive oil & vinegar, whole wheat pasta with garbanzo beans, steamed mushrooms, onions & peppers tossed together in marinara sauce, Italian bread, a glass of wine

Dessert/Snacks: Italian ices or sorbet or Purely Decadent soy ice cream or popcorn, fresh fruit

For more information & recipes go to:

Thank you for your Compassion.

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