Why do you love some animals yet eat others?

This week there were two tragedies covered on the same day on network TV: the house fire that killed 60 cats in Wayne and a truck of piglets that over turned on a highway in Missouri. Both are horrible stories but the cat story was given a sympathetic slant while the pig story was used for stupid jokes. No one dared kibitz about dead cats but it was “okay” to make fun of those poor pigs. Not one broadcaster acknowledged that these young pigs were en route to be systematically slaughtered and skinned alive or that they were crammed into an unheated metal truck in below zero temperatures. The pigs fled the overturned truck only to be scooped up to continue their journey to the death camp. Any cats that miraculously survived the fire are now safe and will adopted into loving homes. Not the case for those pitiful pigs.

To be totally honest with you, I shudder when animal activists or any self-professed animal lover tells me they are “almost vegetarian and don’t eat red meat but only eat chicken and fish.” “That’s a great start so what about dairy and eggs?” I ask. When I push the envelope further and ask do they know about the atrocities of the dairy industry and how eating dairy keeps the veal industry going or do they know about the realities of “humane” eggs or the plight of broiler chickens or fish, the response is mixed.

People certainly have the right to make their own dietary decisions but why do you love some animals yet continue to eat others? If you know about what happens to the animals, environment and your health by being “almost vegetarian” then why not make the jump to plant-based vegetarianism/veganism? What does it take to help you transition to a cuisine more in step with your values? What more information or motivation do you need to have a humane vegan lifestyle? What can I do to help you? And if not now, When?”

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