Vegan: Lifestyle of the Rich & Famous

Recently some financially & politically powerful “mainstream” celebrities declared themselves vegan. Guys like President Bill Clinton, hotel mogul Steve Wynn, boxer Mike Tyson—(yes “ear-chewing” Mike!) ex-NBA star John Salley, Atlanta Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez, former National Hockey League brawler Georges Laraque, and professional poker player Daniel Negreanu to name a few. These people and even pop star, Madonna, have all jumped on the plant-based vegetarian band wagon.
Some of these “celebrities” I wouldn’t know if I tripped over them & I’m not one to care about famous people & their antics. After all, I was kissed by David Ben-Gurion when I was 18 years old & am not easily impressed by any so-called “big shots”.
But it is exciting that more & more well-known people are going plant-based. For some reason, a lot of people in this country like to emulate “stars” & famous people. Hopefully this move towards plant-based eating by well known personalities will result in more people foregoing animal-based foods. Yes, you have to wonder how many of them are doing it for publicity but who cares. If it means less animal suffering & less global-warming, then I’m all for it.
Here are recent two articles about “rich & famous” newbie plant-based vegetarians:

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