Whole Foods Marketing the Myth of “Humane” Animal Products

Whole Foods recently announced their farm animal & meat quality standards program. I find this very disheartening from a company owned by someone who claims to be vegan.
In truth, I am revolted. Why is Whole Foods cozying up to the animal agriculture industry & sugar-coating the realities of animals raised for food? Simply put: For the money. Apparently they are not making enough & want to bilk consumers even more. I can only imagine the prices the stores are charging for “free-range, cage-free, antibiotic-free ‘certified humane’ ” animal-based products.

This clever marketing ploy will most certainly appeal to people who want to delude themselves by thinking meats, eggs, fish & dairy products labeled “humane” are “okay to eat”. What they will find are their wallets lighter & their health & the environment still damaged. Plus a trail of dead animals will still lead to their plate.

Let’s tell it like it is: eating “humane” animal products is like trying to be a little bit pregnant—it is simply not possible. All those “humanely–raised” animals still live shortened miserable lives, perhaps in slightly larger cages, perhaps outside for 15 minutes but so what? They are still treated as “things” not sentient beings. They will still meet the same end: an agonizing death at the same USDA slaughterhouse as their “non-humanely raised” comrades. Local waterways will still be polluted. Global warming gases will still be released. Human arteries will still be clogged & cancer-causing agents still consumed. Let’s “get real”. The only humane foods are fruits, vegetables whole grains & legumes.
For more information about “humane” myths, please visit: http://www.humanemyth.org/index.htm

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